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Succinct, Comprehensive, Relatable advice to ensure success and profit.


Start up or already in business.

                Covers concept-to-profit.

                               Outlines a solid, proven plan.


We cover everything including:

- Self assessment
- Concept assessment
- Business Planning
- Financial strategies
- Marketing
- Human Resources
- Legal and accounting
- Pitfalls to avoid
4-1/2h hour downloadable videos

You ask yourself the tough questions and receive experienced, expert direction and information.

Follow our plan, proven time and again over 35 years and you'll avoid the most common reasons for failure.

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Starting A Business Tip of the Day


What are the basics for a successful business start up?  Asking the tough questions is critical to giving your business the best opportunity to succeed.  When you consider that the majority of reasons for business failures are both identifiable and preventable, getting the answers to the tough questions before you start a business has to become a priority.  Just going through the process will help you gain confidence because you are either confirming that which you already know or you are identifying those areas you’ll need to work on.  Either way, knowing is always better.

The first question to ask is what are your strengths and weaknesses?  You should think about what experiences you have in business or have gained elsewhere along with education and training.  What are your interests?  Many businesses are started because of a passion for an idea but because of the person’s practical inabilities to operate the business, they run into trouble quickly. Business must start with both interest and ability.

The importance of research relates to every category under “How to start a business”.  Knowing what’s involved, and following logical steps in each area of your start-up will help you develop a better plan and avoid mistakes that could have easily been prevented.

Knowing what sets your new business apart from the competition, making sure you’ll create a great first impression and establishing a clear message are essential to the success of your overall marketing efforts.

The control of your time is key to being productive especially as a small business owner or new entrepreneur.  With the sheer volume of things to do each day it is critical that you are organized and not falling prey to distractions.  

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